The  partners network I.T. CERTIFICATE allows consulting organizations, training  providers, professionals T.I. and freelance instructors offer training courses for professionals, students, teachers, and entrepreneurs in the area of ​​ICTs to achieve international certifications such as Big Data, Business intelligent, IoT, Cloud (IaaS, SaaS).

By establishing the alliance, we provided our Partners with training and marketing tools for the international certification exams that I.T. CERTIFICATE offers with its memberships.

Benefits of belonging to the partners network. I.T. CERTIFICATE:

– Offer in the country where you have a presence
– Use of brands and logos
– Sales tools
– Registered trademark in Google AdWords campaigns
– Academic and demonstration licenses for technology and applications programs
– Access to potential customers
– Eligible for attendance at online seminars, selected events and exclusive workshops for partners
– Eligible for access to contact lists for marketing campaigns
– High discount percentages with the Training Package (TP) model
How to become a CPIT?

If it is a company or corporation:
  1. Comply with basic business documents by country: Certificate of creation and validity where contact details are specified
  2. Identity document of the Legal Representative of the company
  3. Complete and sign the CPIT License Agreement
  4. Complete and sign the Training Package (TP) application

If you are an Independent Professional or a Natural Person:

  1. Comply with the requirements of an Autonomous Instructor by country.
  2. Identification document
  3. Complete and sign the CPIT License Agreement
  4. Complete and sign the Training Package (TP) application

Once the documents are completed they must be sent via e-mail to and send the original documents by certified mail to:

7950 NW 53rd Street
Suite 337
Miami, Florida 33166
United States
Telephone support for information and concerns:
Tel. +1 (305)503-3157
Miami Florida

Types of CPIT

The Connecting Partners I.T. (CPIT) . They may be:

Companies legally constituted as: consulting organizations and / or training providers.

Natural Persons as: professionals T.I. or autonomous instructors.

All our CPITs are officially authorized to offer the different certification courses and Certifications Exams will enjoy exclusive benefits for belonging to the network.

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