The certifications exams integrates much of the functionality for test development all within a suite of highly-secure web-based tools. The system allows remote collaboration. It is configurable, to maximize while increasing productivity and exam integrity.

Developed by exam experts
The exams was developed by a team of Specialist and other testing experts who specialize in high-stakes assessments. This state-of-the-art collaboration tool can be used to facilitate and manage any of the following test development tasks:

Exam Developer:

Transform a job analysis outline of any size or complexity into a test blueprint
Validate items to the job analysis outline with rating scales such as importance, criticality and frequency
Item development
Create, review and validate questions based on relevance to the job
Improve the quality of items with best practice recommendations included in Exam Advisor™
Create a variety of item types including multiple choice, true/false, hot-spot, drag and drop, case-based sets and extended matching